A retelling of Aeschylus’ THE SUPPLIANTS based on Charles Mee’s adaptation of the Greek tale, DO NOT MOVE STONES is a story about love, loss, and serendipitous connection. Incorporating the poetry of Sappho and accompanied by live music, the play strikes an important balance between uproarious comedy and moving poignancy as it grapples with two questions: what are the social contracts into which we are born and how do we respond to those unspoken rules?

DO NOT MOVE STONES will be performed outdoors at the Settlement Quarry on August 27-29, 2021.


A touching non-linear play that explores the complicated, intimate friendship of Kayleen and Doug, two “scar-crossed lovers” deeply bonded through their metaphorical and physical pain. Staged in and around Moss Ledge Cottage, the duo utilize in-ear technique and an iPhone 11 Pro to dynamically bring you this moving play in the New Year.

GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES is available to view digitally on demand.


I was born and raised on a small island off the coast of Maine called Deer Isle. Inspired by the storytelling tradition deeply rooted in my Island’s culture, I created an intimate solo performance about my relationship to Deer Isle, and more specifically, my family. I mean, it’s tough to not talk about family when you’re related to at least a third of the Island…

DEAR DEER ISLE has no future performance dates currently.