STONINGTON VILLAGE is the town on the southern half of Deer Isle.

I was born and raised on a small island off the coast of Maine called Deer Isle. While it is known for being the highest grossing lobster port in Maine, and the place from which granite was quarried for structures including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Manhattan Bridge, and President John F. Kennedy’s tomb, it is first and foremost my childhood home. I lived the first eighteen years of my life on the Island.

Inspired by the storytelling tradition deeply rooted in my Island’s culture, I am creating a play about  the people and place of Deer Isle  my relationship to Deer Isle, and by extension, my family. I mean, it’s tough to not talk about your family when you’re related to at least a third of the Island…

I am currently collaborating with ANNA SCHULIGER, ISAIAH MICHALSKI, and LILY GROB on this piece.

We hope to reuse and reinterpret as many materials as possible throughout the creation process (I recently came into possession of nearly eighty used pot-buoys, so let me know if you’ve got any clever ideas of how to repurpose them). We hope to develop a production that can be easily transported to various locations (I only have places in Cambridge lined up, so also let me know if you’ve got an empty living room that I can perform in). We hope to come up with a third thing to complete this list!

The piece will be performed at multiple locations in Cambridge, MA, beginning in April of 2020.

MAC AND CHEESE! My sisters and I loved to eat Velveeta together.